February is here.  

and i have a confession to make....i have always always always loathed valentines day.  totally made fun of the entire idea of this "hallmark day".

until now.  i am finding myself buying pink heart plates.  bowls with pink and red hearts and swirls on it.  a red tablecloth with white hearts.  trying to plan a date night with matt and me, and then another night for matt, the girls and me.  OHMYGOODNESS i surrender.  i am now a fan. i am now celebrating this day - my friends who know me best will not even believe it.  but,  there's a whole lotta love in my life.

i gotta say....i am excited that it is february and the month of love love love. :)))    i am so ridiculous.  thankful and ridiculous.... :)))

AuthorMatthew Certain