today was a good day - girls and i didn't do anything special, really, just hung out at home and had loads of park time.  always a good day in my book.

sweetest moment: putting girls to bed, we lay in libby's bed, read books,  and say our prayers.  we say what we are thankful for, and then lights out and i sing a few songs.  libby twirls her hair when she is going to sleep, always has since she was really little.  well, tonight, libby played with her hair, and fell asleep within like four minutes of the lights being turned off.  after she fell asleep, i told margaret that it was time for her to go night night too.  she said "sissy" about eighteen times, and tried to wake libby up, and then i said sissy was asleep so she proceeded to sweetly start twirling libby's hair.  and that is how she fell asleep...playing with her big sister's hair.  i mean, seriously.  does it get any better than that? i think not.  i was so touched by that - little mae is so in love with libby - and libby loves and protects her very much too.  don't get me wrong.  there are times when matt and i are the referee between these two girls, and there are moments when i see a look in libby's eyes that are saying "MOM AND DAD WHHHHYYYY DID YOU HAVE ANOTHER BABY!??" ( i should know this look well, since my parents said that every time they brought yet another baby home from the hospital i went into a state of depression, haha).  but at the end of the day, they love each other and they are truly best friends.  today at the park, mae was playing with a  little car, and some little boy came up and grabbed it from her.  she just sat there and didn't do anything to get it back and within two seconds libby was telling that little boy that it wasn't nice that he took her baby sister's toy from her, so she got it back and delivered it to "her maemae" and said "don't worry my mae mae big sister is here to help you" - HOW PRESH!!!!

ok, so maybe there were two favorite parts of my day, today.  :)

happy groundhog day!!!!!!  bring on spring!

AuthorMatthew Certain