The beginning of the best time of the year.  bring on the warm weather and SPRING AND SUMMER!  Although it hasn't been a very cold winter, I am just so ready for the warm days.  I feel like one of us has been sick since November.  Ugh!

Few updates on the girls....
Libby is doing great.  She loves to play with tools, she loves to read books, she loves to eat pizza, spaghetti, and fruit snacks.  She is doing awesome at school and loves her classmates.  She changes clothes approximately 18 times per day not including jammies.  She is a great big sister and takes good care of MaeMae.  Libby is sensitive, perceptive, and simply precious.  I am sooo in love with her and so very proud.

Margaret is hilarious.  She loves to put buckles together, she loves to "drive" in the front seat, she loves to say PURPLE and point out anything that is purple.  She is getting so big and I can't believe she'll be two in just two months.  It is CRAZY to me.  She's sensitive and she loves her big sister more than anything I've ever seen.  She loves shoes and picks out her clothes and has an opinion on them already - like, as in, pitches fits if I pick out the wrong thing.  She is sooo very awesome and I am obsessed with them both!

In Amy & Matt news - MATT FOUND OUT TODAY HE GOT INTO THE INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY PROGRAM AT EMORY!!!! I AM SOO proud!  This is a huge deal and we are sooo thankful.  I am beaming with pride and joy for him!
News about me, I hit my head on Friday and had (have still??) a concussion.  Don't ask.  It was rough.

Pix to come soon. Not of my concussion although I do have pix of my head when I hit it and today as well.  I'll post pix of my darling girls soon.

Love to all.

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