we just got back from seaside late yesterday afternoon - and OH MY was it a FUN trip.  perfect weather, perfect hotel, perfect pools, and PERFECT beaches, and most of all, perfect company.  just the four of us made the journey down to the gulf and i have to say it is one of my favorite places on earth.  seriously.  it is just paradise and it's only five hours away from atlanta.  it was just wonderful to be with matt and our girls for five straight days.  no work, no household chores, nothing except time to enjoy our little family.  we had such  good time.  matt took some insane pictures and i am waiting on him to download and then i'll post them.  be prepared, there will be quite a few that we'll be putting on the blog.  i am so thankful that the four of us were there together and i'll cherish the week forever!!

the girls had a great time - lots of pool time, digging in the sand time, shirley temples for libby, chocolate milk (and not "pain") for margaret, too many hot dogs to even mention, several ice cream cones, a whole lot of running in the grass barefoot, we made stepping stones at camp watercolor one afternoon, (and they are now in our flowerbed), some good naps (and some short and/or nonexistent ones!), coloring in books, eating pizza, taking long showers (there were two shower heads in the shower, and this was so so so fun for them both), long bike rides into rosemary beach, lots of time playing at the playgrounds we found, and so much good time for matt and i to spend together just watching these big girls interact and enjoy each other!!    they are so funny these days.  libby is really into books, and writing the alphabet, she loves to have "homework" and margaret is still just into anything libby is into!  margaret loves to change clothes at least 12 times a day.  and libby wears dresses and only dresses every single day.  :)

they are getting so big!  i'm in the midst of planning margaret's SECOND birthday party!  i can't believe it.  and libby is helping me plan her FOURTH birthday party as well.  things are good, things are busy, and i am thankful for all that we have going on in our lives.  matt and i marvel at our daughters on a daily basis.

loads of pix coming soon, i promise.

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