little margaret is almost two.  i am so excited about celebrating her precious life!

this day, may 9, two years ago i thought i was going to deliver her way before her may 21 scheduled was a mothers day and i just didn't feel that she was willing to stay inside for two more weeks!  i just knew it.  she was kicking more, punching more, and i was just not feeling great.  so may 9 2010 they put me on a monitor for about three hours.  lots of contractions but the doc wanted me to hold off for as long as we could. the rest of the day we didn't do much (stayed in backyard all day with my feet up watching my precious 22 month old libby play!) and the key family came to visit. the next day was monday, my doctor again said i needed to be hooked up to the monitors.  more contractions but not "in labor" yet - I'm not allowed to go into labor because I'm a c-section mama!

long story short, the next few days were full of doctor visits and finally my awesome doctor said that in order to eliminate any surprises, we should deliver on thursday may 13 - i was so nervous as i was 38 weeks and i wanted to get to 39 weeks, but i  had to be safe for myself and baby margaret!  so the time had come to deliver my little angel bear. i'll never forget when they handed me my second daughter to hold and feed.  God's miracles never cease to amaze me.

fast forward two years - and i do mean FAST FORWARD because it has been so fast.  she is now wearing the clothes libby was wearing when she was born - how  crazy is that!!  can't  believe it.

we have planned a party for may 19 for friends and family to celebrate, and on her actual birthday we'll have the four of us celebrate!  two baby girls, doesn't get much better than this!!!!

AuthorMatthew Certain