it's already june, whoa.....we are loving summertime!! yay!  best times ever.

i have been reminded lately just how blessed i am that i get to stay at home with them. i am so thankful that matt realized how important it is for me to be with them daily!  we literally just play all day.  i am obsessed with them both.  i am trying everyday to live in the moment....even when i need to fold laundry or vacume or clean the bathrooms,  i will sit down with lib and read a book.  even when i need to make the  beds, i will sit and read with margaret.  i just keep thinking every day how fast they'll both be in kindergarten and how i will long for the days of staying home with them in our pjs and sitting in the sandbox digging at 9 am while eating some watermelon.  moments are fleeting and they're going by fast and i plan to enjoy and savor them ALL.

tomorrow we start VBS.  i am beyond excited!!!! i am a shepherd for libby's class!  margaret will be in the nursery (she's too young for vbs) so she'll be having fun with other two year olds while libby and i are learning about Jesus (as she explained to me today!!).   i cannot wait to see what libby learns and how God opens both of our eyes this week.   it's called OPERATION OVERBOARD, and i pray that God uses me with all of these children, and i am so happy that i'll get to see God at work in these precious young children!

in libby's prayer tonight she said she was thankful that i was her teacher because she couldn't wait to have me all to herself.   yes, it made me cry.  

AuthorMatthew Certain