margaret turned two, and what an awesome celebration we had at home.  on her actual birthday which is may 13 it was a rainy rainy day.  it was also mother's day.  how blessed am i, to be able to celebrate my daughters birthday on a day dedicated to all the mamas in the world.  we had the best day.  literally stayed in our jammies until four pm.....then saw a movie, then had dinner at the girls favorite place to eat, saba.  it was a special day of watching movies, looking at pictures and old videos.  we baked cupcakes,  and sang happy birthday to you about 75 times.  libby loves to say "and many more!"  just like we did growing up. it was such a perfect day.  margaret opened her gifts with gusto as if it was Christmas morning!

margaret is such a hilarious little girl!  she does the quirkiest things and is often the life of the party.  she certainly has developed her own personality and is showing it to us more and more.  immediately after turning two she began talking SO much more than before.  all of a sudden, maemae is talking all the time. and she wants to be naked.  ALL THE TIME. no matter where we are.  friday at nordstroms? naked.  pool in front yard? naked.  pool in neighbors yard? naked.  it has become a problem, and although i don't mind it at home of course, we have to figure out a way to keep her clothes on!!  haha!  she is so funny and every day she makes us smile and laugh and thank God for her.

her birthday party was really fun - helen and jeff made the trip from ssi with turner and miles - who is only two months old.  they'll never know what it meant to us that they came!!  it was so much fun!  my dad and lisa were here and we loved having them here.  the whole neighborhood was here and all of our friends here, too.  it was a craft party in the backyard, and baby pools and sprinkler in the front.  about 18 kiddos were here throughout the afternoon, and margaret was loving it. she walked around with necklaces on, bracelets, and had about 5 outfit changes and bathing suit changes during the day.  hilarious little angel bear!!  libby was a doting big sister, and she loved having her big friends come over, too.  it was just a special little party and we are so thankful to everyone who came!  couldn't have been any better.  

can't believe she's two! happy birthday my precious margaret virginia certain....we love you SOOOO SOOO MUCH!!!

AuthorMatthew Certain