It's summer 2012, and the days and nights are full of fun, full of love, and full of two sweet baby girls that Matt and I adore.

Margaret is two, and Libby turned four on July 7th.  Words can't describe how it feels to have two daughters, aged four and two.

Life is good, life is sweet, and life is full of God's rich blessings.

The girls are awesome.  Have I ever mentioned that? :)))

Libby has done a few camps this summer, one at church, one at ballet, and one at gymnastics.  She is loving it.  An independent, brilliant, hilarious young lady she is becoming.  She loves friends and she loves activities.  SHE LEARNED TO SWIM THIS SUMMER!  She is a fish!!  Still needs us, obviously, to be in the pool with her, but she's swimming. And she is so proud.  Not as proud as this mama is!!  She loves her MaeMae, but she also loves it when baby sister is sleeping so she and I can do a project all on our own.  Oh, how I cherish the days of being with her, still young yet becoming big before my eyes.  I love her, I admire her, and I want all of her days to be happy and full of fun, full of love, and full of all her hearts desires.

Margaret is amazing.  She is SO funny - after she turned two her words started coming, and today her sentences are long and she's making it clear that she has been listening to every word we've said all this time.  It's so much fun to see her becoming her own person and being such a big girl.  She is a big eater, and she loves milk.  :)  She loves her Wibby, or her big sissy, as she calls her.   She's not much of a tv watcher, she much more prefers to play or read books.  SHE CHANGES CLOTHES ALL DAY LONG.  I would say that before 10 AM she has changed between four and five's hilarious.  She's almost potty trained completely (yay!) and she just is a cuddlebug.  I pray the same for her, to have a life full of fun, full of love, and full of all her hearts desires.


Big girl in the pool




The Maezzer




Fourth of July fun!


Our buds, Kelsey & Kate!


Libby & JJ


Birthday girl - her fourth birthday breakfast with a doughnut!


Oh, wow....


Our first Pet!  Lib got a fish tank, named her fish Guppy!



Me and my girls....ahh, nothing better.


Summer fun.


Birthday manis...


Airport park with Mae while Lib was in ballet camp





Everett's birthday party!


Sissies looking for puddles


She drew this cat because of a beanie baby I just bought her, it looked JUST like the cat did!  Little leftie artist!


Pool time


Ice cream


Hugs with Max & Luke


Here are some pictures of our little angel bears.  Summer 2012 has been awesome.

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