the summer is  quickly coming to an two days libby will start pre k.  my  big girl will be  in the panda class at school.  she's with ALL of her friends from last year and she couldn't be more excited!!  there will be MANY TEARS shed by me, but she is going to thrive and i am so happy for her.  her teachers are amazing.  i'm one of the two room moms for her class, and i am so looking forward to how my baby girl will learn, develop, and change as she quickly becomes another year older!  she is going to either repeat this year or repeat kindergarten, we'll know more after this school year, because we want her to be the oldest in her class as she is a young four.  so this may be her first preK school year, and she may have another one next year.  regardless of all of that, we are SO excited for her as she embarks upon a big girl school year.  it's crazy to think that she is old enough for this!  we LOVE the school so much.

margaret will begin going to school tuesdays and thursday's from 9-12.  she is in the Polar Bear class. :)  her teachers are so sweet and they love these babies.  i am so excited that she will begin to make her own friends, and have her own fun all by herself.  that is definitely why we decided to let her go to "school" - because she is getting so big before our eyes and we felt like she needed her own socialization and not just have to watch big sister get to do all the FUN stuff at school!!  it's going to be SO HARD for me to take her AND libby - i am going to miss them so much i can't even think about it.  but i know that they are going to have so much fun and learn and grow and i know that this is truly helping to mold them into social, smart, brilliant, amazing, God loving young ladies, one day at a time.

it's been an awesome summer - and my prayer is that our two daughters have a perfectly wonderful school year.  God bless the students, teachers AND the mamas who miss their babies!

AuthorMatthew Certain