Well, where do I begin?  Life has gotten away from me and I've pretty much fallen off the blogging bandwagon...but I promise I want to do more and I promise to try to do more.  I love our blog and I love that it's not only a good way for others to keep up with us, but it's a keepsake that we are able to publish at the end of every year and it serves as a scrapbook type of thing. Plus, it allows me to write which I find to be extremely therapeutic!  SO I am seriously going to work on being better at updating this blog about my family.

The girls are doing amazingly well.  Healthy, happy, just precious  little angel bears.  I'm in awe of them.

Libby is doing exceptionally well in PreK.  She loves school and loves her classmates, most of all Leo & Everett.  She  loves being with them at their house, or having them at our house.  She is a sensitive little soul, and a sweet helper to me with anything I need.  After she turned four and a half on January 7th, (a day marked with cupcakes, balloons, you name it) she almost turned into a big girl overnight.  Her words, her actions, her thought processes, everything seemed to be different.  Makes me incredibly proud but also a little nostalgic (ok a ton nostalgic)  but to see her grow in her thoughts and gain so much wisdom in her mind makes me proud.  She loves to talk about Jesus - she knows He is in her heart and her prayers at night are more amazing than ever.  

And Margaret is following in her big sisters footsteps for being just as wonderful!  She is such a big talker, and she loves school.  The teachers there say that they love them both and love to see how they are similar in some ways but so different in other ways.  Margaret is definitely my free spirit whereas Libby is a bit more cautious.  She is hilarious - she has a voice she uses that will make you cry laughing!  She has two best friends, Lilly & Brooke, and during the week we have playdates and fun times with them all.  It is so fun to see her having friends and opinions!  She still has to pick out her clothes, and so far she's doing a great job with her clothes and shoe choices. :)  

During the week, we stay pretty busy.  A typical week is:

Monday mornings: Libby is at school at 9 am, so Mags and I head to her gymnastics class.  Monday afternoons Lib has tennis. Tuesdays: both girls at school at 9, and mama heads to the grocery store &  home to do laundry!  Tuesday afternoons Libby has her gymnastics class. Wednesday: Lib at school, and Mags and I have her mommy & me ballet class, it is so so so fun.  Wednesday afternoons we play and then have church at 5.30 and Lib has choir at 6.30.  Wednesdays are busy busy! Thursday: both girls at school, mama cleans and cooks. :) Thursday afternoon Libby has ballet. Friday is our free day - and we just hang out and the girls do projects.  They are still so crafty and love to color.  They almost always have a purse with them that holds a notepad and a marker.  Love it.

BIg news:  We're expecting our THIRD daughter in July.  So excited and feel so blessed.  Girls have named her Caroline Ann, no joke, they've decided that is her name.  Matt & I love it, and we'll see if we change our minds before her debut. 

Love, Amy

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