I actually thought to myself "it's getting too easy" - WHAT in the world...and then I thought to myself, "i'm sad that i feel that it's getting too easy".... 

Most people (normal ones) look forward to the easy days and of course i do too obviously...but not when it means my baby girl, my LAST child is almost three months old and is changing so much every single day of her precious life.  She's amazing....Sarah Grace is just simply put, an angel.  ADORE HER.  I mean, ridiculous.  We all do!  Margaret eats her daily.  Libby kisses her and "babysits" her when I need to do something around the house.  And especially now that she's actually smiling and cooing at us.  When her face lights up at the mere sight of her big sisters, I melt inside.  Truly an amazing connection and these three girls are gonna be the best of friends and hopefully take good care of matt and i when we are 100+ years old. :) HA. 

Libby's first kindergarten field trip was today.  It's absolutely mindblowing that she's this old, but here we are, with homework, field trips, friend play dates and so much learning going on in her precious mind.  SIght words - this week her words are: and, he, she, it, the, I, & see.  We are working on creative ways to incorporate learning these words and it's fun and challenging for us all. :)  After she's home from school and has a snack or eats more of her lunch, I let her watch a few minutes of TV or play on the iPad, and just have some free time to chill out - usually I'll nurse SG and get her ready for a nap if we are staying home and no activiites that day.  Then Lib and I work on her homework.  I don't ever want her to dread it and not enjoy it - my philosophy is that she's only five and her main objectives need to be imaginative play and socializing and also learning.  It has to be FUN and so we write with markers (big no no in K, all must be in pencil) and we're doing lots of cutting out of magazines, gluing things on paper, circling in books, working with play - doh, etc.  I'm seeing that everything we do on a daily basis can be working  on these words.  It's fun for us all. Margaret is picking up on it and noticing what we're doing and I think that's so cool. Libby is very eager to read and figure it all out, so we work on getting her to focus so she can reach her goals.  Her mind is constantly taking it all in and I pray that we can be the teachers she needs at home!  She's such a big, bright and strong willed SENSITIVE child.  Love this age!

Margaret is loving her preschool class! She goes M, W & F and just loves it.  She has a BFF Lilly (Leo's sister) and they play very well together.  She's a dressing up, accessory loving three year old and she is awesome.  Such a precious soul, born to be a mama. Told me she wants to have five kids and I have no doubt in my mind she probably will!  She is in love with Sarah Grace to the point that it's scary when she's constantly hugging her, in her face kissing her and basically on top of her all the time :)  I have such good helpers and Margaret is just so eager to be the one to do it all.   She's getting big before my eyes too, and saying things that amaze me.  She is a snuggler still and just loves to love and loves to be with her friends and playing.  We just laugh at her because she never ceases to shock and amaze us all!  Libby cracks up at her, and I'm so glad they are so close!

Sarah Grace will be three months on Monday.  She's so alert, completely holding her head up.  She loves her play mat and loves all of the attention we give her. She is such a good sleeper, She'll fall asleep in my arms nursing and I am able to put her in the swing and/or crib and she'll stay asleep which I'm not used to with the first two girls.  We're still up a good bit of the nights and what is wrong with me because i JUST DO NOT CARE..  I love our nights.  I'm exhausted all the time and haven't slept more than three hours in a row in three months but I don't care.  I love her and I love my times with her nursing at 2 AM, 4 AM, 11 PM, whenever.  I'm obsessed with her just like I was L & M.  I told M I wanted to have another baby and she got so sad, though, she said "But mommy, I like it now because you can hold me and pick me up again" - enough said.  we won't have anymore but dang - I just love these babies. 

The good thing about it getting "easier" is that today I realized I can spend and dedicate these moments with the girls and I'm figuring out when I can give the three of them their own private mommy time, which they desperately need and deserve.  I crave it and so do they - my days are filled with chaos and laughter and stressful times (getting lunches packed and nursing while making breakfast would be an example) so when I'm able to squeeze in a book with the big girls while SG is sleeping, or when Libby and I do homework and M is coloring, or when the big girls are at school and I have SG all to myself.    I love those times!  I love the times when we're all together and it's absolute chaos and I don't know how I'm going to help M go to the bathroom while changing Sarah's diaper but I do know it'll get done somehow.  LIfe is sweet and I love it so much.  Easy and hard days....we're together and we're healthy and every day is a precious gift.


AuthorMatthew Certain