I can't believe it's November 14 and that means Sarah Grace is FOUR MONTHS OLD.  REally...can't believe it.  Took her to her doctor appointment on Tuesday Morning and she did great.  Got a few shots, barely flinched (perfect baby) and she is in the 50% for weight and 25% for height, and 75% head circumference.  Big chunky monkey girl.  Ahh, she is amazing.  LIb & Margaret adore her, love her, help me with her, no jealousy still that I can see and trust me, my big girls would tell me.  Doctor asked about the bumbo and the exercauser and I was a bit reluctant to tell her that I hadn't even thought she was big enough for that stuff, but lo and behold I am behind in the times.  So pulled out the bumbo and exercauser and she LOVES THEM BOTH. Has opened up a whole new world for us all.  Big sisters are in them just as much as SG, but she really does love it and it's SO adorable!!!  We treasure this baby girl so much!  She's so easy, laid back, calm, chilled out.  Matt is constantly saying that she is exactly what we needed, just such a compliment to her big sisters.  Libby is great with her, they definitely have a connection that I can't really explain yet, but I see it.  And I can tell that Margaret is going to be her BFF and they are going to be so close, in such a different way than she & Libby.  When I reflect on the fact that we truly have three daughters, my heart swells because I am so happy and thankful and blessed undeservedly.  I am in such a happy place in life that I can't put into words.  And with each passing day and with each season changing, we are closer to moving back home to begin the next chapter in our lives.  It's just crazy that we will be finished with our time in Atlanta in seven short months.  Wow.  For now, we will continue soaking up the city life, and our life with these miraculous angels that God gave us!!!


AuthorMatthew Certain