Today Sarah Grace ROLLED OVER FOR THE FIRST TIME.  Can't believe it!  She has been doing that thing babies do when they're trying to roll over, and her little arm gets stuck underneath her and she tries and tries to roll but can't quite figure it out. Well, tonight after we got back from a GA/FL party she decided she needed to make it happen and SHE DID IT!  Her determination struck me as so strong-willed and I couldn't believe it when she did it.  She propped up on both wrists and looked around like, "HEY MAMA and BIG SISTERS, you see me now, don't you?!" it was adorable and I of course cried a few tears.  Sarah Grace you are a wonderful amazing precious baby girl, just perfect in every way.  We all love you SO much it's crazy.  I have noticed that lately as she gets older, Libby & Margaret just kiss and cuddle her to pieces.  They just want to hug and love on her, playtime on her playmat means one or both of the big sisters are on it with her, and she just smiles and grins and makes the BEST baby noises when they're with her.  In the car she smiles and plays with her "friends" (the little bar of three animals on her car seat handle) and the girls love to tell me what faces she's making and what she's doing.  She is still sucking her thumb and i am trying to break the habit.  She's not doing it all day every day but there are definitely times when we catch her doing it, and LORD knows it's the most adorable thing right now.  She's just an angel, perfect baby. Sleeps great, eats great (still exclusively nursing) and just a joy to be around.  Easy easy easy and we love her so much it hurts.  Bedtime when she's all swaddled and lotioned up and cozy we just lay her down and love on her and the girls talk to her and we get more laughs and smiles and it's just the best thing in the universe. 

Today was Libby's last soccer game of the season - we had a fun season with her Bobblehead teammates and Margaret has decided she defnitely wants to play next season, so my spring will officially make me the soccer mom since L will play on Saturdays and M will play on Sundays.  It'll be fun and I know Margaret will be a star!  After the game we all had lunch as a team and the coach handed out medals.  Such a fun time. 

Margaret is doing so great and just makes us laugh. She keeps us on our toes!  She & Matt still have such a special unique bond that I am loving, he has great relationships with all of the girls, but just as they are different in their personalities so is his relationship with each of them.  I am so proud and honored to be their mom!!  I love them so much and I love watching them grow, and teaching them & trying to be the best mama to them that I can be.  Every day I try to spend time with each one individually, and in doing so it makes us so much closer and it makes me feel like I have accomplished small victories.  They love one on one time and so do  I, so daily I pray that I'll do them justice by giving them that as much as I can. Not always easy, but the Lord knows that this is my prayer and my desire and it will continue to be what I strive to do.

We had a FUN halloween, all three of my girls were Scooby doo, funnest costumes!  We trick or treated for the last time in this neighborhood - seems surreal that we won't be here this time next year.  Wow!   

And the day ended with a Georgia win over Florida - go dawgs!



AuthorMatthew Certain