I can't believe tomorrow is march already! it's crazy to think we're almost halfway finished with this third (and final) pregnancy!  things are going well, i had a small scare with some bloodwork last week but i'll be monitored frequently (ultrasounds every month) and will see my regular doctor every three weeks.  have to make sure baby is doing ok in there!  worst case, she'll be born early but we're going to do all we can to try and avoid an early delivery.  i feel so confident in my docs and the plan, so God has really given me a peace about it all.

we're in the midst of the glenn sale, which is a huge consignment sale that raises a lot of money for the school, and also we donate to 14 charities in atlanta. it is a great cause, takes lots of time to do, and i enjoy being on the committee! 

we are ready for spring - it's pretty cold but yesterday was sunny and nice outside. today is freezing cold and not so sunny.  ready for WARM weather!

girls are doing great - aunt lindsey and uncle garrison are babysitting tomorrow night so mama can go to the pink concert at phillips with some of my bffs from high school. it'll be hilarious - 20 weeks pregnant and rockin' to pink.   the girls can't wait to be with their aunt and uncle and get spoiled ALL night!  we LOVE having them so close!

AuthorAmy Certain