that's pretty much all libby is thinking about since wednesday night....she is on Leo's team, Leo's dad is the coach, get the point. she & leo are pretty tight and to be on his team is just the best thing that could've happened!  and NOT to leave out baby sister, margaret is WAY excited because lilly will be at every game and at every practice.  lilly is leo's sister who is exactly margaret's age, and they are BFF&E. :)  everyone's a winner, not to mention their mom is one of my dear friends as well.  it is going to be a fun fun fun soccer season and truthfully, we can't wait to see how she does this year!  tomorrow's game is at 11.20 and it should be in the 60's & sunny - can you say awesome!?

baby #3 is doing good - starting to feel her move has been super fun & exciting.  hard to believe i'm 21 weeks on sunday.  i'm over halfway there and i have to be honest, i'm ready to be a mom of three & not just a pregnant mom of two!  i am so so so so so tired at the end of the day and my back is aching, my head hurts and it's just tougher on me this time around, but i've got two active monkeys running the show so mama has to hang in there! :)  i told matt, i'm absolutely fine all day but by 5 or so i want to take a warm shower and go to bed.  so guess what my precious hubs did? when he got home (at 8 PM - sigh) he brought me gorgeous flowers, a four pack of bottled root beer (my drink of choice at night) and powdered doughnuts (my fave pregnancy snack).  HOW AWESOME.  Libby kept saying, "daddy it was so nice of you to bring us flowers and our favorite snacks" haha, so sweet.  it meant a ton to me!  

i took the girls to the gardens late this afternoon and it was amazing.  not many flowers in bloom yet but just so nice to be out in the sunshine.  we had a ball!   libby's letter this week was "S" so they studied about Seeds and how flowers and plants grow, so it was good for her to continue learning!  i try to do something on friday's that will enhance her letter of the week studies, and it usually means doing something (or eating something!) extra fun. and margaret is benefiting from all these letters, too.  my girls love to learn.  it's awesome to see - libby walks around with a crayon/pen & paper just coloring and drawing all day, and margaret has a book in hand at all times.  :)

GOOOO Team Bobbleheads!!

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