we're at six months-hooray!  on one hand, time is flying by, but on the other, i feel as if i've been pregnant for a really long time this time.  i am trying to enjoy it, my anxiety sort of gets in the way at times.  feels like every time i go to the doctor i feel better, then worse, then worried, then calm.  i am trying to savor every moment because this is without a doubt our last little miracle(!!!) but i am sort of to the point that i just want to meet her so badly and start our family of five. i'm ready to see how we do, what it's like, how my girls will react to having a baby around, all of it, i'm just ready for it to start! we do have a few more months, though, so i'm working on being patient and being IN THE MOMENT.

libby & margaret are doing awesome.  boy - do they keep me busy and on my toes or what!  it's wonderful and tiring and fantastic and hard and all of the above plus some.  it's impossible to wrap my head around how big they are-margaret will be THREE next month and libby FIVE in three months.  it is crazy!!

libby is the sweetest thing.  so sensitive and so precious. her little spirit is just so compassionate and always wanting to do the right thing, always making sure everyone is happy and proud of her.  and we are certainly proud of her.  she's a bit sassy and a lot sweet.  her most favorite new thing to do is math!  at least a hundred times daily we play the adding game where i call out small numbers and she adds them together in her head.  it's crazy that her little mind is working so hard and soaking so much in these days.  she loves to read, still loves to color more than anything.  it's an obsession.  she won't eat dinner until she has finished her page that she's been coloring. and she is in the lines now, consistently! :)  she loves margaret, they are the best of friends.  she really takes care of her and checks in on her a lot more than ever before.

and margaret is our spunky little feisty thing!  she is hilarious.  her latest obsession is simply playing "mommy" - honestly she is in love with her babies. she dresses them, cleans them, feeds them, buckles them in the car, packs them in her purses, makes sure she has food and  bottles for them before we go anywhere! it is SO funny and so sweet.  she truly has the mom/caretaker gene and just wants to take care of people and her babies.  oh we are so proud of her!!  she loves libby to pieces and is happiest when we are all home together.  she still has to read five hours daily, too. :)  she is in love with her daddy - they go on "dates" running whenever he can.  just the other day she asked him out of nowhere if he would marry her.  um, yes, tears were shed, it was SO PRECIOUS!!

they do fight though - don't get me wrong.  there have been times when they have driven each other crazy and to the point that we have to referee.  it's just like in my family - you'd think the oldest (libby & myself) would be the rulers of the roost but in both cases it's the second child who does the bossing around (margaret & my sister jessica) - it'll be interesting to add yet another female to the mix.  oh, poor matt. :) he loves it i can tell! :)) 

i am soaking up every day with these two girls.  life will change in july when their baby sister comes - it will be wonderful and tough and i am just enjoying these last  few months before the sweetness of another baby comes along.  blessed, indeed!!!

AuthorMatthew Certain