SHE"S THREE!!  And she will tell you all about it.  "I'm a BIG girl mama, I can do this!" and "I'm three" to every single person we meet.

Her birthday was fun, Libby was out of school because of Emory's graduation, so I had both of my girls with me and I loved it.  Birthday girl had her gymnastics class that morning, then we had lunch at Chic fil a with her friend Brooke, then we came home & i had some pics taken of the girls so the photographer was here, then we had dinner at Farmburger (her choice of course!).  It was a sweet day celebrating the monkeys third birthday, and Sunday we are having a party at home and Cinderella will be visiting from Disney World - her head may spin and I am SO excited to see how happy she will be.  We did the same thing for Libby's third birthday and it was fantastic!  Cannot believe she's three!!

She is so incredibly social, definitely the center of attention at school and her teachers have named her the Sorority President because of how she is just the life of the party.  Matt and I absolutely adore her personality - she is the perfect compliment to Libby and Libby's disposition.  They have their similarities but they are very different, too.  I love them both more than words and we are having the best time enjoying each other.  Margaret is just changing to much and has her own opinion and her own voice and it's amazing to see her growing up.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  She is so caring and kind to her friends, such a hugger.  And what a little MAMA she is!  With her babies, she feeds them, they sleep by her bed in their crib every night, she always wants to do the dishes and the laundry, she just loves the domestic life as much as I do :)  She loves her friends so much and has fun ALL THE TIME.  She's always happy!

And sweet Libby is just so precious - I just have to tell this story because I love it so.  Last night at church we had a picnic....a young boy who was probably like 8 or 9 was there with his grandmother.  Another child had taken a small basketball from him and hidden it in the sandbox.  He couldn't find it and he was very busy digging for it. Libby saw what he was doing and  went over to him and asked if she could help him find it.  Meanwhile I'm swinging Margaret and it's starting to get late, about 7.45 and I say to Libby that we have about five minutes left because we needed to go home.  She asks if we can stay a little longer so she can help her new friend find his ball.  They are seriously digging SO hard and are concentrating so hard on making sure she stays in one place and he stays in another so they don't get confused with which holes in the sand they've already dug in.  So of course I can't very well tell her we're leaving.  So I keep pushing Margaret, then she & I decide to walk to the sandbox to see if they had found this ball.  I asked the young boy about it and he was legitimately upset about losing his ball and Libby was just so intent on helping him, she was SO sad about this ball.  FInally around 8.45 the young boy and his grandmother, and another family who had all congregated around the sandbox, decided it was time to pack up and head home.  Libby & this young boy put the sand toys away and exchanged this conversation:

Libby - "I go to school here, how about tomorrow while I'm at recess I can get my friends to help me dig for your basketball"

Boy:  "Wow, would you really do that? I loved that ball.  If you would do that it would be great."

Libby: "Sure I will. I have friends who will help me and I bet we'll find your ball."

Boy: "That is so nice of you.  Thank you.  If you find it can you take it to Miss Susan's office upstairs? " (Susan is the children's director)

Libby: "Yes I will. It was nice to meet you and I'm sorry about your ball."

Boy: "It was nice to meet you too, and thank you for helping me"

So we all head home and Libby simply cannot stop talking about how sad she was about this.  We go to bed and wake up this AM and immediately she asks if I would write a note to her teachers explaining why she would be digging during all of recess for this boy's ball.  So of course I oblige - I mean HOW SWEET IS THIS, really??  So we write a note and I basically just explain the situation.  Libby folded it for me and then drew on the outside a picture of her new friend and her, digging in the sand with the sun shining down and a huge heart on it.  She said she drew the heart because the boy was so nice to her and she loved making a new friend and how much she loved helping people.

Fast forward, go to school, I have the end of the year picnic for Margaret's class so I'm busy with that all morning (SO FUN, I totally cried) and after school we go to the lawn where the children are sitting with their classes in carpool line, but on Tuesday and Thursday's I walk to the lawn to pick Libby up because those are the two days that Margaret has school and Margaret's class doesn't do carpool.  As I'm walking towards them she is holding hands with her teacher Miss Mary and Mary says to me "Boy do you know your child or what.  She has held onto that note all day.  We read it aloud twice during circle time and during recess I'll have you know that she had 12 kids digging in that sandbox to find that ball for her friend.  She is a natural born leader" - so of course that makes me cry too (gotta love hormones at 31 weeks preggers) and Libby says to me "Mommy I'm so sad we didn't find that ball.  Do you think his grandmom will buy him a new one or can we?" And I tell her I'm sure he'll find a new ball and we can make sure when we see him Sunday at church.  Then her teacher pulls me aside and just says how impressed they all were with her and how she was so sensitive and caring about helping this child find it, and how she literally explained the situation to her classmates (and even a few kindergartners) and they all pitched in to help.  I so love her heart, I love how she wants everyone to be happy and I just love that she  cares about people to such extremes.  I am such a proud mommy.

Both girls have such special and unique qualities - and I pray that I'll always be in tune with their "languages" and encourage them.  

Happy third birthday to my spunky, feisty, happy, amazing, sweet, beautiful, precious and cuddly tiny dancer.  Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know.

AuthorMatthew Certain