today is four weeks before we are scheduled to welcome baby girl #3 on july 15.  both of the doctors i see are thinking she'll come before that, though, so we're just playing the waiting game at this point!  my perinatolgist saw me yesterday for the last ultrasound which is SO hard to believe.....and she said everything looks just perfect.  i'm so thankful.  all the things she was worried about initially have resolved and she said it all looks absolutely normal and healthy.  cried some tears of happiness & thanked God over and over (still thanking Him, that will never cease).  still asking for prayers for a healthy finish to the pregnancy and a healthy c--section, i''m definitely having anxiety about it still, but i've given it all to God and actually am enjoying being pregnant!  the girls are SO CUTE with my belly....we talk about it all the time!!!  they kiss my belly, they tell me all the things they'll help me do with her, (margaret wants to do ALL of it, and libby gets jealous at the mere thought!).  i cannot wait to see how this all plays out.  i'm so excited to be having three girls, it's a dream come true for me.  still no official name, we've narrowed it down quite a bit but can't officially commit to anything, which i know is frustrating!  she's a big kicker, she's kneeing me in the ribs more than the girls ever did that i can recall.  yesterday they said she's almost six pounds and we still have four weeks to go - so she's on the big side at this point, but who knows what she'll be like when she arrives. 

girls are doing really great, i'm just cherishing every single second with them before our lives change forever in the next few weeks.  praying they'll adjust well and that i'm a good mom to three precious girls.  

and tomorrow we'll celebrate matt being the best dad in the WORLD!!!  sadly he'll be at work all day but we hope to go have an early breakfast with him before church and before he has to be at work.   i'm so amazed at what a wonderful father he is!




AuthorMatthew Certain