Can't believe I'm just getting around to writing the birth story and details of our life with three children....but here I am, and I'm going to do all that I can to show how amazing it has been having our family grow these past few months. 

Sarah Grace Certain arrived on at 12:02 in the morning on Sunday July 14, 2013.  What an entrance she made!  My due date with her was July 21, but because I'm a c-section they scheduled me for Monday July 15.  Well, my blood pressure decided to get a tad bit high on Thursday July 11, not high enough for a pre eclampsia diagnosis but my doctor did blood work to be sure, and it came back normal.  However, in talking with her she  mentioned that we should just do the c-section on Sunday instead of Monday - and of course I said of course - we couldn't wait to meet our girl and one day sooner seemed like a very very good idea to this mama at 9 months prego!!   So that was Thursday....Friday comes around and I take my big girls LIbby & Margaret to the Emory pool for one last hoo-rah before their sister arrived, and that night we had a birthday party at said pool for one of their friends.  Busy, busy day!  It was so busy that my feet were KILLING ME. LIke, they hurt so much I could hardly walk.  I had to soak them in hot water whenever we were home just to be able to move around for the next activity.  I had no clue what or why it was happening, and in hindsight I am assuming I had more swelling and higher blood pressure than I realized.  At the party that night I did a lot of siting that is for sure!  Saturday rolls around and we met the Odegards for lunch and had a good afternoon, but in my mind I wasn't all too sure I was feeling ok!  Because Lib was breech a c-section, subsequently Margaret was as well - so I've never gone into labor and I've always been a bit jealous of those moms who have had a natural labor and felt the feeling of contractions and all of that.  Again, in hindsight I look back and realize I was probably in labor almost the entire day on Saturday.  Couldn't eat, really bad stomach/gas pains (so I thought) and just pure cramping, which I continued to assume were braxton hicks.  Around 4 Matt's mom arrives from St Simons for the birth and we meet for yogurt and discuss what we should do for dinner.  I'm a million miles away at this point but I totally assumed it was nerves and that my anxiety about the next day was getting to me.  With both of the girls, the night before we had them, we ate at this amazing place called Watershed, so we had planned to either go eat there with everyone or have Matt go pick it up and have a picnic somewhere, just to keep with tradition.  WELL, I couldn't even fathom doing that which is a big deal considering I  can be sort of superstitious sometimes.  So I veto the idea and the big girls decide on BBQ. So we go pick it up and I sit in the car while they go in to get the food. I'm talking to my girlfriend on the phone asking her all sorts of questions and she assures me i'm just being silly and surely this baby is gonna hang tight until 6 AM, less than 12 hours away from her scheduled time of arrival!  Little did we know!  Take food home, I call my doc who tells me to take a warm shower and rest and not eat anything just in case....well, I couldn't resist a few fries and a few bites of a sandwich :)  Around 8 the girls take baths and I am still having weird cramps but i am feeling determined to ignore them so I can really soak up my last few hours of having just my two girls before we welcome another one into our family!  Lying in bed with Margaret I start to hurt a bit more than normal...doesn't take long for my girls to get to sleep and I lay there, ow, hurting.  At 9.02 I texted Matt and said I just had one, let's see how long another one takes.  9.07 I remember texting him again, then about 5-6 minutes later I text him again.  At this time I come out of the room and Matt's mom, bless her heart, simply says "you don't look so good, I think you should go in"  and so with a tearful hug and kisses on my babies in their beds all cozy I grab a half packed bag and the prepared diaper bag and we head to Piedmont.  At this time it is 10.35ish Saturday night.  Matt drops me off so he can go park, and I walk in HURTING pretty bad.  The ER people jumped up and asked if i needed a wheelchair and I was like, no i'm good, just what's the quickest way to the Labor and Delivery?  Again, hindsight is 20/20 and I do believe I probably looked like I was about to POP because sure enough I was!  Get to my floor and the nurses were trying to be calm, but once they realized I was a third section they hurried around some.  THANKFULLY my amazing doctor was on call that weekend...and I knew that so  i was really glad she'd be the one to deliver.  I got hooked up to monitors and contractions were less than THREE MINUTES APART - OW - not to mention my blood pressure was astronomically high.  Like, not good it was so high.  Doc comes in and says lets do this, and less than an hour after first laying on the bed to be monitored our baby girl had been safely delivered via c-section!  

This little girl stole my heart from the second I saw her.  Literally the very second.  Matt held her to me and I knew she was my last baby girl and that I loved her with my heart and soul, just like I do my first two baby girls.  The surgery itself was thankfully very uneventful and I am so thankful to our GOD above for keeping me calm and being in that room because I have no doubt He was there.  I had prayed for nine months about this moment and I kept thinking that in my head....I remember I kept thinking this is it, the moment I've been excited about and terrified of.  Here we are.....and it all went off without even the slightest hitch.  My doctor and the anesthesialogists were amazing and I can't say enough good about the experience.  I was doing a lot of the breathing I had prayed I'd be calm enough to do.  I did ask alot of questions during it, which probably drove everyone nuts - but it was my way of trying to feel normal and not completely exposed and scared out of my mind, because I definitely was scared, but I had faith and had prayed incessantly for this moment.  

After I was stitched up and rolled into recovery, I"ll never forget was at this time 2..30 AM and complete silence filled the hallways...they wheeled me into the room and there was Matt, holding his daughter.  I cry at the memory.   A dim light was all that was on, and he was standing there holding our swaddled baby girl smiling. AHH it was amazing.  And he gently put her in my arms and I felt complete.  Completely in love with my family and complete in the sense that I happily knew she was meant to be our last daughter and the baby sister of my first two was an incredible feeling and I know that the moment will never fade from my mind.  Powerful and magnificent!

I fed her immediately and she knew just what to do - zero problems with nursing her from the second I held my darling baby!  We spent the next few hours just staring at in love!  When we were taken to our room it was about 4 AM and we were exhausted but no sleep in sight for this new mama!  I just stared at her, fed her and changed her, never mind that I had just had a major surgery so I was all hooked up to machines and monitors and trying to move around was impossible, so I relied on my Matt & the nurses for help that first night.  Around 8 AM Matt left to go get those big girls from home!  I was SO ready to see them I could barely stand it.  My dad, Lisa, Lawrence, Vicki & Marsha all showed up and loved on us first, then my Libby & my Margaret arrived.  Libby was a bit weary of it all just because she doesnt like hospitals and doesn't like for me to be in the bed hooked up to machines...but she was very happy to meet her baby sister.  Margaret was obsessed from the first moment and that has  not changed one bit.  That girl is a natural mom and just loves her so much.

At this point we had not named her....we waited until Sunday night and finally I just knew it, and I think I knew it from the first moment I laid eyes on her, that her name was Sarah Grace.  Both are family names on my side, my Mema's aunt was Sarah and my Granny's great aunt was Lilly Grace.  Matt loves the name Sarah, and Grace has always been one of my favorites.  After having been pregnant three times and after having three healthy babies, I just remember thanking God for being there for me and helping me cope with my anxiety and my worries about everything and I firmly believe that if not for God's grace & goodness I would have been a basket case!!  I just so strongly felt that her name was perfect.  AND the best part of all is that the girls have a million baby dolls adn I'm not kidding - they have always named baby dolls Sarah.  So, there you go.  :)  It fits her and I love it.

The hospital stay was good, but I was ready to get home and start life with three children.  Got home on Wednesday afternoon and we've been going non stop since.  Sarah Grace is perfect.  She is sweet, cuddly, soft, loving, happy, beautiful, angelic, amazing, smart, adorable, and loving.  She loves baths.  She hates the car.  She loves her sisters and her daddy, but loves me the most. :)   She loves to eat.  She sleeps great.  She loves to look at her sisters and smile.  They get in her face and Libby says "You like it don't you" and she smiles.  Margaret says "She's a happy little girl isn't she mama" and she smiles.  She is just AHHH-MAZING and we all adore and love her so much.  My Lib & Margaret have transitioned better than I could have ever hoped or imagined.  Again, a TON of prayer went into (and still does go into) our family growing.  But the girls have adjusted smoothly and effortlessly.  I don't feel jealousy or resentment from them at all.  I pray daily that I'm giving them all what they need and I just will continue to seek God's direction and pray for the wisdom about how to ensure they all know how loved they are!!  Matt and I just love them all so much and can't believe we have three ridiculously healthy, happy, gorgeous little baby girls. Thankful doesn't seem to do it justice, but that's what we are....oh so thankful and undeserving of these precious lives.  

Libby, Margaret & Sarah Grace - the fun we have had and the fun we will continue to have are what I was born for.  Born to be yalls mama and I love these three girls to infinity and beyond!  Matt and I just love it all, the chaos, the happy moments and even the insanely tough times.  It has been an amazing TEN weeks welcoming our girl into the world and into our family.....Sarah Grace you are one loved little girl and I cherish you so much! 

Lots more going on, Libby is in KINDERGARTEN and Margaret is in the summer 3's class at Glenn.  Learning and playing and just loving life - doesn't get much better than that!

Sarah Grace Certain
Born 12:02 AM Sunday July 14, 2013.  7 Pounds, 1 Ounce. 19 inches long. 

God is good, all the time. 

AuthorMatthew Certain