My nephew was here this weekend, and everything about it was perfect, minus the fact that he had to leave! He completely makes life so much better, and made Matt and I both even more ready for one of our own.
He got here Friday night, we had dinner, took a bath (that guy could stay in the tub for HOURS!) and then we crashed, as it was late. Matt stayed in our guest room so that I could sleep with Joey in the bed. I didn't want him to wake up being scared here and not know where he was. So, Saturday AM we got up, Sissy came over with Chic-fil-a for breakfast, and we headed to the Atlanta Zoo! It was so fantastic. We met Dad there, or Pops as he's more known for now.

The animals were hilarious (lots of mating rituals appeared to be going on, guess it's that time of year?!) and we especially loved seeing Willie B. Junior. He was hysterical. Gorillas are such brilliant creatures and I firmly believe WBJ was looking up at us thinking "What are those crazy people doing just watching me sit in a puddle of water? They need to get a life!" --- he clapped for us one time, and as we watched him eat his onion, one layer at a time, he was just looking at us thinking something...not sure what he was thinking, but I'm sure we looked pretty dumb to him. Saw the panda bears, snakes, turtles, elephants, and meerkats, who are too funny as well. All in all, a great day. I'll never forget it, and I do hope that Joey will remember it too!

After dinner at Tin Lizzy's, where Sissy works, we came home and Baby J and I went to our pool for a bit, we splashed some and then came in for yet another bath where he could play with his souveniers from the zoo....all the animals you can imagine, we got him. After the bath we played a serious game of hide and seek. My favorite part of it all was that he told me exactly where to hide when he was the seeker, as he called himself. What a fun personality! Whereever does he get it?!?

It was such a great day and weekend. Jess has done such an awesome job with him and he's truly a joy! Can't wait to see him again soon!
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